Star Automation is one of the leading Automation Engineering Company in Pakistan; setting high standards of technical excellence. Striving for new heights in its determination to deliver the best by offering high quality products at competitive prices and backed by sound engineering services including Application, Installation, configuration, and commissioning. Business focused is Industrial Automation, Factory Automation, Building Automation and Customized Softwares.

Star Automation represents renowned International Principals for the following Solutions:

  • Pressure, Differential Pressure Monitoring, Recording & Control.
  • Flow Monitoring, Recording & Control.
  • Air Quality Monitoring, Recording & Control.
  • Liquid Analyzers, Recording & Control.
  • Buner Control.
  • Flame Arrestors, Emergency Vent Covers & Rapture Disk.
  • Temperature Monitoring, Recoording & Control.
  • Level Monitoring, Recording & Control.
  • Gas Detection, Recording & Control.
  • Current Amperage Monitoring, Recording & Control.
  • Variable Frequency Drives(VFDs).
  • Blowers, Slide Guides, Slide Bearings & Test Equipments.

About Us

Star Automation is recognized as a leading supplier, offering Far Eastern, European and American based reliable & comprehensive Process Equipment. These State of Art equipment include Transmitters, Analyzers, Valves, Controllers , Recorder(Paper & Paperless), Burners, Blowers, VFDs, Slide Guide Bearings, Sensors, Switches, Flame Arrestors, Rapture Disk, and Scada.We ensure associated configuration, commissioning services to industries, Factories and Building across Pakistan. Also, facilitating customers by optimizing processes in regards to economic efficiency, safety and environmental protection. Supporting these operations, we 04 sales and service locations in Pakistan.

Star Automation achieves these milestones by employing the capable and responsible human resource; highly expreienced & learned in their fields. They utilize the most contemporary tools & technologies to ensures consistent results with a focus on quality and services.

Star Automation Growth Plan is founded on four key strategies:

  • Operational Excellence
  • State of the Art Process Equipments
  • Efficient Technical Services
  • Market Expansion


Industrial Supplies

Star Automation represents renowned International Principals in Field Instruments (Transmitters & Flow Meters), Control Valves, Pressure Safety Valves, Control Products (Controller, burner programmers), Gauges, Sensors, Switches, Data loggers, Recorders, Thermocouples & RTDs, PLCs, DCS, HMI, Cables, Electrical Motors, VFDs (inverters), Digital Electrical Controller and Transducers, Blowers, Burners, Gas Chromatograph, Gas & Liquid Analyzers, Flame Arrester, Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve, Emergency Vent Cover, Rapture Disk, Gauge Hatch, Chain Hoist, Slide Guide, Slide Bearing, Aluminum Foundry Products and Test Equipments.

Automation Engineering

Engineering Services related to Industrial and Building Automation including Installation of Instruments, Valves, Controllers, Panel Wiring, Tagging, Terminations, PLC Programming, HMI Designing and Wiring Drawing.


Accounting System, Inventory Managment System, Quotation Management system, EMR (Electronic Medical Record) System, and Scada Software.


Export of items Made In Pakistan.


Pressure & Differential Pressure Transmitters

Remote Seal Transmitters

Flanged Transmitters

Electromagnetic Flow Meters

Pressure Transmitters

Pressure & Differential Pressure Transmitters

Differential Pressure Transmitters

Digital Pressure Gauges & Transmitters

Digital Pressure Transmitters

Pressure & Differential Pressure Gauges

Differential Pressure Switches

Pressure Switches

Pneumatic Transmitters

Control Valves

Temperature Gauges

Temperature Gauges


Electro Magnetic Flow meters

Insertion Type.

Gas Flow Meters

Vortex Type.

Liquid Flow Meters

Vortex Type.

Coriolis Flow Meters

Thermal Gas Flow Meters

BTU Meters

Flow Transmitters

Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Turbine Flow Meter

Insertion Type

Flow Switches

Humidity & Temperature Transmitters

Wall Mount

Humidity & Temperature Transmitters

Duct Mount & Out Door

Humidity & Temperature

In Door

Programmable Thermostates

Temperature Sensors

Temperature Sensors

Industrial Thermometers

Thermcouple Thermometers

Dual Input

Level Transmitters

Ultrasonic Level Transmitters and Switches

Level Gauge with Transmitters and Switches

Level Transmitters

Displacerment type

Level Transmitters

Immersion Type

Level Switch

Tunning Fork

Level Switch

Level Switch

Paddle type

Humidity & Temperature Transmitters

Duct Mount

Air Velocity Transmitter

Duct Mount

Gas Detectors

Gas Analyzers

Analyzer Transmitter & Controller

Analyzer Controller

Analyzer Sensors



Portable Dataloggers

Portable Dataloggers

Energy Dataloggers

RAM Bottom Oulet Valves

Lift Plug Valves

Automatic Recirculation Valves

Flush Bottom Outlet Disc Valves

Control Valves

Sampling Valves

Maniflow Selector Valves

Safety Valves

Cryogenic Safety Valves

Interlocked Valves

Smart Valve Poisitioners

With Digital Display

Smart Valve Poisitioners

Solenoid Valves

Burner Controllers & Network Controllers

Burner Controllers

PID Controllers

Multi Loop Controllers

Flame Detectors & Burner Controllers

Temperature Indicators & Controllers

Earthquake Sensors

Distance Sensors

Proximity Sensors

Proximity Sensors

Limit Switches

Limit Switches



Pressure Vaccum Relief Valves

Pressure Vaccum Relief Valves

Flame Arresters

Flame Arresters

Gauge Hatch Cover

Emergency Vent Covers

Breather Valve w/ Flame Arrester

Rupture Disk & Explosion Panel

Inlet Gas Blanketing Valve

Pilot Operated P/V Valve


Engineering Services

Installation and commissioning of Field Instruments, Analyzer and Control Valves

Industrial & Building Automation

PLC Programming and Scada Development & Designing for Industrial & Building Automation for central monitoring, Control and datalogging of Process.


Customized Software related to Accounting, Inventory Management, Quotation Management, and Electronic Medical Record system for telemedicine.


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B&C Electronics








Nippon Bearing


Korea Steel Power Company


Contact Info

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157-F, Phase I, Johar Town, Lahore.
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